Hi driven entrepreneurs, startups, c-level executives & digital marketers,

The Growth Hacking Engines™ Book is for you!

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The Growth Hacking Engines™ book is for young college graduates, driven entrepreneurs, startups, c-level executives, digital marketers and growth hackers who are amazing at what they do, are hardworking risk takers and are a brilliant group that appreciate inspirational and educational material.

This book will not only show you over 111 hacks to thrive in any business and any industry, it will:

  • provide you with an overview of the entire journey for starting any business from the ground up,
  • walk you through a step-by-step process of turning your idea into a profitable product,
  • list plenty of tools to take your business from one step to the next until success is reached,
  • show you how to align your product with sales and marketing,
  • show you the importance of your growth strategy and its effect on your brand, company infrastructure, operations, sales and marketing teams,
  • demonstrate why visualization in any aspect of your business matters for success,
  • educate you on how to leverage readily available platforms, systems and tools to accomplish business goals efficiently,
  • provide insight on how to reduce costs with better and effective collaboration between team members,
  • prove what really matters for growth hackers and how growth hacking measures return on investments through growth ratio,
  • give you the resources that will empower you and transform your business from an idea into a multimillion company

Building a successful business from the ground up requires discipline and dedication in the face of sleepless nights and often stressful experiences. It also requires a personality that is endlessly hungry for keen insights and looking to grow personally as a successful individual and commercially as a thriving business.

James presents to you a mixture of growth hacking technical knowledge, practical tools and useful motivational content that will transform your future in a replete book he calls Growth Hacking Engines™

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